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Fantastic Four Halloween Costumes

The Fantastic Four are a group of comic book superheroes originally made famous by Marvel Comics. In 2005, a feature length film brought these characters out from the pages of comic books onto the silver screen in an exciting science fiction adventure.

Reed Richards is a financially strapped scientist. During his research, he has come to the conclusion that all of evolution began during periods when certain types of cosmic clouds passed over the earth. Reed also has determined that another one of these clouds of energy is soon due to come into Earth’s pathway. A group of astronauts is assembled along with Victor Von Doom. During the journey while Ben is out for a space walk, three of the other astronauts go after him. The four all receive a varying degree of exposure while out, Ben receiving the most. The mission goes on uneventfully from there and everything seems normal, until they get home and start to morph…

All four of the astronauts start to notice changes, and they are all different. Ben, who has received the most exposure to the cloud of cosmic energy, transforms into a rock-like creature that has superhuman strength and endurance. Susan now has the ability to become invisible and can also create force fields. Reed’s evolution has given him a rubber-like stretching ability in his limbs. Johnny can withstand extremely high temperatures.

The Fantastic Four with their new superhero powers must fight against the evil Victor Von Doom who has malicious, masterminded plans of his own.

Fantastic Four costumes are the perfect way to channel your super powers right into Halloween. Fight off evil by recreating your own version of the foursome, and see what their special powers can do for you!