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The Green Lantern is a 2011 superhero movie based on the DC Comic Book character known as The Green Lantern. The film is based on the science fiction, action adventure story line followed in the comic strip.

The Green Lantern Corps have existed in the universe for many millennia. Their purpose it to retain order in the universe and continually protect peace and justice. The members of the Corps are scattered throughout the universe. No human has ever been recruited to The Green Lanterns, until the admission of Hal Jordan. Hal is a little bit arrogant, but is also a very gifted test pilot. He is entrusted with the ring that is given to all members of The Green Lantern—the ring is what gives them superhero powers.

Hal finds himself suddenly faced with an incredible foe known as the Parallax. Even though Hal is new to the Green Lantern Corps, he now must rise to the occasion, fight against the Parallax and overcome his fears. Having the opportunity to fight against the enemy, Hal will need to prove the worthiness of his Green Lantern stature, and perhaps will even become the greatest Green Lantern of all time.