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Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes

Rocket Raccoon Mask | Drax The Destroyer Costumes | Gamora Costumes

Take a few outlaws, toss in some random villains, miscreants and bad guys, place them all together in a vast uncharted frontier and what do you have? Could this be the making of an untamed, wild western tale? Well, not exactly. The Guardians of the Galaxy is Marvel Comics latest comic book adventure, and the ragtag group of characters put together for this somewhat kooky saga includes a thief, a couple thugs, a maniac, an assassin and even a gun-toting raccoon. Would you put a cast of characters like this in charge of saving the universe from an imminent wipe out?

When it comes to costume characters, it really doesn’t get a whole lot better than this eclectic bunch. Drax the Destroyer, Rocket the Raccoon, Gamora the assassin and of course, the heroic Starlord are just some of the authentic personas you can bring to life for your next Halloween party or dress up event. Imagine having your own version of the Guardians of the Galaxy right in your very own living room!

The Guardians of the Galaxy costume collection includes masks with very amazing and realistic features along with costumes that are amazing replicas of the gear featured in the exciting feature film. You are not going to want to miss out on this fabulous collection of costumes!