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One of the greatest series of adventure films ever made is that of those based on the character, Indiana Jones. Henry “Indiana” Jones is an archaeology professor that teaches at a fictitious college in Connecticut. When teaching, Henry Jones is very knowledgeable as well as scholarly, and plays the professor part well in his tweed suit. Living up to his true inner adventurer, Indiana Jones is known for his philosophy, “if you want to be a good archaeologist, you have to get out of the library!” Indy does get out of the library, again and again in fact for some serious action and adventure while he gets in and out of some serious trouble.

The latest film in the series is known as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. This most recent film to the popular Indiana Jones franchise was the fourth in the series. In the Crystal Skull adventure film, Indiana Jones must use a secret code to find a legendary Crystal Skull that is purported to have great psychic powers that stem from an extraterrestrial life form. Indiana must try to keep the skull out of the hands of the Soviets who would like to harness the powers of the Crystal Skull with very evil designs in mind that could ultimately be used against the West.

Indiana Jones is one of the most popular movie adventure heroes of all time. He’s smart, with a deep knowledge of ancient civilizations, sexy, brave and rugged. Indy’s only fear seems to be a little issue with snakes—but aside from that, he looks fear right in the eye. Dressing as Indy, with his characteristic fedora, bullwhip and leather jacket will create an instantly sexy and heroic image of the adventurous archaeologist. Indiana Jones is a very popular Halloween look that can easily be yours with everything you need to outfit and accessorize your rendition of “Jonesy” for your own real world wilderness adventure.