Inside Out


Inside Out Costumes

Costumes for Pixar’s amazing and lively animated adventure!

We knew that there was a lot of information inside our heads.  But who knew that there was a full-on cacophony of emotions that sat at our individual headquarters and helped us cope with daily life?  Inside Out brilliantly showed us, through laughter (and admittedly a few tears) that each of us are an amazingly complicated, multi-dimensional being with many sides to our own unique personality.  Sometimes, one or another of our emotions literally takes over!  Pixar’s amazing and lively animated adventure, Inside Out, takes us on a journey into the head of Riley, a young girl who has been relocated to a new city, leaving her old life, school and friends behind.  Her search to fit in and find happiness in her new locale teaches each of us a few things about our own challenges and how our emotions can work either for or against us during the process. 

Do you want to recreate a costume look based on one of the fabulous characters from Inside Out?  (This is perfectly normal and honestly, nothing to get overly emotional about!)  Our colorful and exciting collection of authentic, officially licensed Inside Out costumes and accessories is sure to get you feeling joyful…or perhaps disgusted…or maybe even a little bit angry.  But, in this case, that is sort of the point.