Jurassic World


Jurassic World Costumes

It’s been 20 years since the very disastrous first try at opening a dinosaur theme park.   All the bugs have been worked out, right? InGen Corp. is officially ready to give the real life dino park another go.  But this ain’t no petting zoo.  InGen has scientifically recreated and cloned a whole bunch of formerly extinct creatures, most of which have very large teeth and would be all too happy to munch on a human being as part of an afternoon snack.   Undeterred, InGen opens Jurassic World to the public, touting it as a unique zoo-like experience with the feel of a luxury resort.  Jurassic World is a success, and all is more or less well--that is until someone decides that a new attraction is needed to bring in more customers and to attract throngs of new visitors into the resort.  Scientists cook up a DNA dinosaur brew concocted of a little T-Rex, a smidgen of a velociraptor and a few secret ingredients that result in a genetically modified dinosaur that is beyond anyone’s imagination.  Meet Indominus Rex, the ferocious man-eating lizard that is going to be the star of your worst nightmares.

If you are looking to recreate a ferocious costume look that is sure to bring a few spine-tingling chills along with it, you’ve come to the right place.  We have a some mind-boggling costume choices inside our Jurassic World collection--perfect for those of you who want to recreate the look of that notorious giant reptilian monster depicted in the hit smash, Jurassic World.  Get ready for a scream-worthy costume look that your friends will not soon forget!  The Jurassic World inflatable T-Rex costume is available for both children and adults.