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What happens when you take an American child, raise him in a very small town (pop. 76) in India and have his tutelage done strictly by gurus? This is precisely what happened to Maurice. Maurice, who became sexually active at 12, has the growing concern of the guru’s, and is cautioned about his actions and given a chastity belt to aid in his good behavior.

After returning to America, Maurice desires to take his skills and parlay them into being the #1 guru in America, surpassing Deepak Chopra who currently holds that spot. He also wants to be on the Oprah Winfrey Show. At one point, Maurice has the opportunity to advise Darren Roanoke, a professional hockey player whose wife has left him for a rival athlete. It’s never easy being in the self-help biz, and the Love Guru’s unique style results in hilarious shenanigans that occur while getting everyone back on track.

For a hilarious costume idea, try your hand at being the #1 Love Guru this Halloween. Ah, dis may be your day of LUCKY!