Maleficent Costumes

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The good folks at Disney have done it again. For a name that is often associated with all things happy, Disney also sometimes manages to create some of the most notorious villains the movie world has ever known. Maleficent most certainly qualifies as one of these icy cold, hideously evil, and just plain sinister, mean people. What could be worse than a dark fairy that casts a spell on an innocent baby?

As bad as she is (and she is baaaad), we also know that when it comes to getting into a costume and adopting a character’s personality for the night, Maleficent is a hands-down favorite. Her dark, vengeful image can easily become your own for your next Halloween party or other dress up event. When it comes to the Maleficent essentials, we’ve got you covered.

Our Maleficent costume collection has several different styles of Maleficent dresses, from those that are more authentic to the film to those that are a little bit more sexy, for you girls who want their version of Maleficent to lighten up and bring out her inner vixen. Our Maleficent collection also has several sweet Aurora looks to add some counterbalance to your costume party. When it comes to authentic Maleficent costumes and accessories you are sure to find everything you need in this amazing collection.