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We love superheroes and we know you do to. One of the longest standing heroes of all time is Superman. The latest superman adventure has been recreated in this year’s summer blockbuster, “Man of Steel”. The best news is that in honor of this fantastic new movie release, a whole new selection of Superman costumes has been created--just for you!

We have Superman or “Man of Steel” looks for every single member of your family, including your beloved pet. This year’s new Superman collection also includes some amazing costumes featuring the characterizations of General Zod and Faora, the super villains who are also some of Superman’s more evil and notorious enemies.

These amazingly detailed costumes will get you into a “Man of Steel” look quickly and easily, in some cases right down to the epic musculature of his physique. Bring the “Man of Steel” right off the silver screen and straight into your next Halloween party with one of these fabulous costume looks!