Monsters Vs. Aliens


Monsters Vs. Aliens Costumes

Can you imagine getting ready to say your vows on your wedding day and suddenly being hit by a meteor? This is precisely what happens to Susan Murphy. One minute she’s about to become a new bride, the next minute she is being pelted by something straight from outer space! To make matters even worse, the meteor is loaded with quantonium, an element that causes some pretty catastrophic changes to occur in Susan. The meteor causes Susan to grow…and grow…and grow…until she has reached giant stature!

Hearing of the incident, the military immediately captures Susan and whisks her away to a secret government location where an assortment of other oddball “monsters” have been hidden away.

Around this time, an alien plot to take over the world is discovered. Desperate times call for desperate measures and it is decided by the President that under the guidance of General W.R. Monger, the hidden crew of monsters should fight against the alien attack, and hopefully save the world from imminent destruction!

The 2009 computer-animated film, Monsters Vs. Aliens is produced by Dream Works and distributed by Paramount films. A costume of one of the crazy monster characters from the film can be used to fight off an alien attack and save the world!