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Peter Parker, a quiet, kind of nerdy character has a terrible crush on his neighbor girl, Mary Jane Watson. Too shy and backward to make a move toward Mary Jane, Peter tries to accept his pitiful existence in the shadows. One day on a field trip to a laboratory, a spider that has been exposed to radioactive material bites Peter. The spider bite causes some very extraordinary changes in him and this once mild-mannered teenager is now suddenly transformed into Spiderman! Spiderman can scale up walls with his greatly increased strength and agility. He also can shoot a blast of spider webbing right out of his wrist!

The character of Spiderman has been featured in 3 major movies, with one more to be released sometime in 2012. In Spiderman 3, Peter Parker must deal with a strange black entity from another world. One night while relaxing with MJ, Peter is hit with a black meteor that contains a very odd black substance, causing some markedly frightening changes to occur within him.

Additionally, Peter’s best friend has taken over the identity of his father as the Green Goblin! In Spiderman 3, Peter Parker must deal with evil temptations as well as cataclysmic revenge. This Halloween, dressing as Spiderman or one of his wicked nemesis’ can be the ultimate experience in superhero dressing. “Every hero has his choice…to face the darkness, or be consumed by it.” Rise against your dark challenges with Spiderman this Halloween!