Star Trek

Star Trek Costumes

One of the most celebrated space science fiction movie series is that of Star Trek. The movies were based on the NBC television series that began back in 1966, which chronicled the interplanetary missions of Captain James T. Kirk on the Starship Enterprise.

In the 2009 Star Trek film, the early life of James Kirk was outlined and the back-story for the entire series was laid into place. When Capt. Kirk was born, his father had just been killed during a final stand off against a Romulan spaceship.

In the meantime, as years go by, Spock who lives on Vulcan is discriminated against because of his half-human nature. He decides to join the Starfleet. Twenty years later, James Kirk now grown, has also been inspired to join the Starfleet as well. A sudden emergency on Vulcan springs the newly commissioned USS Starship Enterprise into action. The crew must now, “boldly go where no man has ever gone before” as they plunge right into an intergalactic adventure into a brand new frontier.

For the ultimate space Halloween adventure, beam yourself right into your party in one of these authentic recreations of the cast of characters from Star Trek. As James T. Kirk you can lead your crew of space adventurers to battle against various space aliens, or perhaps you can just stick with trick-or-treating. Live well and prosper!