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The Smurfs are fictional, adorably little and blue, elf-like characters that were first introduced in a comic strip created in 1958 by a Belgian cartoonist named Peyo. The Smurfs star in a feature length film that was released by Sony Pictures in 2011, much to the delight of children everywhere.

The evil wizard Gargamel has chased the Smurfs out of their village. The Smurfs accidentally run into a forbidden cave, which sucks them into a giant vortex, which in turn eventually lands the blue creatures right in the middle of New York City! Desperate to find their way back into their village before the villainous Gargamel discovers their whereabouts, Papa Smurf goes looking for a spell that should get them back safely to their Smurf home.

If you want to give new meaning to “feeling blue” this Halloween, try a Papa Smurf or Smurfette costume that comes straight out of the Mushroom Village and right into your next Halloween party. Smurfity, Smurf, Smurf, Smurf!!!