The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead Costumes

No matter where you turn these days, there they are.  Zombies are everywhere--shuffling, staggering, lurching and lumbering--they are coming up in all sorts of unexpected places.  You aren’t likely to find a collective assortment of as many creepy and decaying zombies as you will in just an average episode of The Walking Dead.  Since 2010, the zombies on The Walking Dead have continued to appear out of nowhere, in every possible space--scaring the living daylights out of us!  Of course, we’ve loved every minute of it!

When it comes to creating the look of a truly memorable “Walker,” one that truly appears realistic and utterly scary, there are some easy ways to make that happen.  We’ve assembled an amazing collection of masks that are going to make getting the look of a decaying zombie nearly instantaneous.  These gory, sickening and downright putrid looks are a fun and easy choice when you want the look of a frightening zombie but would rather spend your time perfecting your shuffle instead of fiddling around with complex makeup.  With so many totally freaky and undead looks to choose from, getting into your best zombie face is a no-brainer!