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Straight out of the studios of Marvel comics and onto the silver screen is another superhero movie! Thor, a comic book hero since 1962, made his debut in the theatre in the summer of 2011.

Thor is a powerful warrior in his homeland, a place called Asgard. Unfortunately, Thor’s arrogance causes some problems and his father decides to punish him by sending him to Earth to live with the humans. While on Earth, Thor not only learns important life lessons, but also falls in love with a scientist by the name of June Foster.


Thor must come to the Earth’s defense as dark and evil forces from his own kingdom are sent to invade the Earth. Thor must battle one of the most villainous characters from his own native land in order to save the planet Earth from imminent destruction.

Thor costumes for all ages are available right here-- from a very sexy female version of the warrior Thor, to a sweeter and cuter toddler version. Be Thor, the almighty protector of the universe this Halloween! Bring out the ultimate superhero in you!