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In the 2010 Pixar and Disney release of Toy Story 3, the entire Toy Story gang is back! Led into their usual trouble by Woody and Buzz, the toys are ready for some good toy land times in this latest sequel. In this Toy Story adventure, Andy is all grown up and heading off to college. Due to an unfortunate mistake, the toys have been all packed up and have been sent to the Sunnyside Daycare Center. At first the toys don’t mind their new home, as they are anxious to be played with and loved by children again. Unfortunately, it becomes quickly apparent that there are other toys present at the Daycare that are a little bit off-kilter and jealous. Lotsa Bear and some other bad toys soon are not only mistreating Andy’s toys, but Buzz and the gang are also being held hostage by them! It is now up to Woody to scheme with the others and plan an escape. Of course, nothing comes as easily as it should and the toys end up on an exciting adventure of their own as they attempt to find their way home.

Recreating any of the beloved cast of characters from the Toy Story franchise is a perfect idea for Halloween or just for any day of dress up fun. Toy Story costumes are available for all age groups from the tiniest tots to even grown up big kids. Authentic looking accessories to accentuate your Toy Story character will make your costume look go straight to Infinity and Beyond!