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Wall E Costumes

Wall E toddler costumes | Wall E Child costumes

Sometime in the distant future, Earth has to be completely evacuated. The planet has become overly polluted with massive amounts of waste, trash and by-products that came primarily from the over consumption of wares of the corporate giant Buy N Large. Wall E is a garbage-collecting robot and he has been given a task—his job is to clean up the mess on Earth.

Finding himself alone on Earth with only the company of one cockroach, Wall E amuses himself amongst the remnants of the former life on planet Earth. He is entranced by the historical baubles and whatnot’s that he finds lying about and takes great pleasure in them. He especially enjoys show tunes!

One day a very sleekly designed Robot named Eve comes to Earth on a mission to discover if Earth can once again sustain life. Wall E falls in love with Eve and gives her a plant that he has discovered amongst the rubble on Earth. As part of her programming, Eve stores the plant and goes into a stand by mode while her mother ship is signaled to retrieve her.

Wall E is a lovable as well as futuristic robot that your child will be delighted to dress as for Halloween or even just for playtime. Everyone’s favorite robot will come to Earth’s rescue with this enchanting costume!