Ultimate Guide to Halloween Crafts for Kids

The Ultimate Guide to Halloween Crafts for Kids

Ultimate Guide to Halloween Crafts for KidsHalloween has long been a holiday favorite for kids. The candy, the decorations, and the "spooky" costumes are only half of the fun. Halloween crafts are a great way to celebrate the holiday before the trick-or-treating takes place. While carving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns is the most popular of Halloween crafts, there are endless amounts of activities beyond this tradition. Helping to make your own Halloween costume or even putting together some Halloween games are unique ways to get crafty for Halloween.

Halloween-Themed Foods

  • Halloween-Themed Foods: Crafty food ideas to celebrate Halloween are featured on this website, along with many other Halloween-themed crafts and games.
  • 15 Ways to Use Leftover Halloween Candy: This page features great ideas for what to do with all of the leftover, excess Halloween candy that often results after trick-or-treating or a Halloween party.
  • Halloween Food Traditions: Learning about traditional Halloween food traditions is an excellent way to incorporate the true spirit of Halloween into any Halloween celebration.
  • Halloween Recipes: This list of recipes features excellent healthy Halloween treats. (PDF)

Halloween Costumes and Masks


  • Halloween Costume Crafts: This sewing resource provides various instructional guides on how to create several different Halloween costumes and accessories.
  • Homemade Kids' Halloween Costumes: With a bit of effort and some assistance from their kids, parents can put together some impressive kids' costumes like the ones in this slide show.
  • Colorable Halloween Masks: Coloring is a fun craft for young children, and coloring their own Halloween mask is a way to add an extra touch of creativity to Halloween costumes.

Pumpkin CarvingPumpkin-Carving

  • Preserving a Pumpkin: This pumpkin-preserving project is both a fun science project and a learning experience.
  • Pumpkin-Carving Patterns: Carving pumpkins doesn't have to mean simple jack-o'-lanterns; using the patterns found here can let you make a more creative pumpkin.
  • History of the Jack-o'-Lantern: The history of carving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns is talked about here, and patterns for jack-o'-lanterns carvings are given.
  • Virtual Pumpkin-Carving: This virtual pumpkin-carving game can be played by young kids to introduce them to the tradition of pumpkin-carving.


Halloween Games

  • Halloween Games: This website has online games that can be played as well as printable crafts, such as a skeleton puzzle.
  • Halloween Games and Activities: Halloween games are a highlight of any Halloween party. The Halloween games featured here can be made mostly by hand.
  • A Frightfully Fun Party: A large collection of Halloween party games for kids is featured with descriptions of how to play each game.
  • Halloween Games for Kids: The best games to be played during a kids' Halloween party are discussed within this article.


Miscellaneous Halloween Crafts

  • Halloween Crafts: This website features many different Halloween crafts, from printable coloring pages to creating spooky ghost decorations.
  • The History of Halloween: Learning about the true history and traditions of Halloween can help you come up with craft ideas.
  • Halloween Coloring: Free, printable Halloween coloring pages are available on this website.
  • Halloween Fun for Kids: Activities, including crafts, as well as a look into the history of Halloween are talked about on this fun Halloween website.
  • Creepy Kids' Crafts: Make some scary, silly, or downright creepy crafts for your Halloween party.
  • Autumn Crafts for Kids: This website features many different crafts for the fall months, including Halloween.