Clown Wigs

Clown Costume Wigs

If you are recreating a clown look, whether it's a happy clown, sad clown, sexy clown or even an evil clown - you are going to need to have the perfect wig to send your look straight to the Big top. With our wide selection of wigs you are going to find the perfect wig for all your clowning around adventures.

Afro Clown wigs, Rainbow Clown wigs, Rainbow Wig wigs and Bozo wigs! When you think of a clown, you probably immediately associate it with a heavily made up face with unusually large facial features, including a giant red bulbous nose and a hugely painted on red mouth. Because their facial features are painted on with make up, clowns usually appear to be absurdly and outrageously happy, or they can also be made up to look melancholy or even frightful. It all depends on the makeup. One of the most critical elements of the clown costume is the bright colored hair. Often clowns wear their hairstyle very large and poufy so it will stick out obnoxiously underneath their hat. Clown's hair isn't necessarily one color either and many clowns have been seen sporting a large Afro style hairdo that has in it every color of the rainbow. When it comes to clowns, it seems that from head to toe, the name of the game is BIG. Clowns have big features, big clothes, big shoes and by all means, big hair.