Kids Wigs

Kids Costume Wigs

Kids love to dress up in costume, whether it's for Halloween, a school event or just for imaginative playtime. No matter where your child's imagination wants to take her on her dress up adventures, we have the perfect wig to accessorize and add an amazing lifelike detail to your child's dress up look.

Cinderella wigs, Wizard of Oz wigs, Superman wigs and Dora wigs! Part of recreating a character that your child may be interested in dressing up as, is in getting the right costume and accessories. Depending on the character of choice, it may also be very important to have the right hair. Certain characters have very distinct hair colors or styles and getting the correct hairstyle is an intrinsic part to having a perfect costume look. Your child is going to love the dramatic transformation that the simple addition of a wig will add to his/her costume collection. Changing your hairstyle is one of the most dramatic ways to change your entire look, and is a very easy and rapid way to get an accurate representation of a particular character. Hannah Montana and her infamous long blonde hairstyle can be instantly recreated with one of our wigs. Tinkerbell's perky tied back ponytail or Superman's perfectly coifed dark hair can be achieved instantaneously, or even the crazy red hair from I Love Lucy.