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Wigs are very commonly used in film, theatrical productions and television to easily create a certain look that may be desired for a particular character. Our giant selection of men's wigs offers a vast selection of styles to choose from, so no matter what type of hair look you desire you are going to find something here!

Elvis wigs, Mullet wigs, Colonial wigs, Afro wigs and V for Vendetta wigs! Men have been wearing wigs since the days of old. As far back as Ancient Egypt, largely for hygienic reasons, men would shave their heads bald and wear wigs when it became necessary to protect their bare heads from the sun. These wigs were held in place by resin or beeswax. During the 16th century, the use of wigs by men experienced another resurgence. Because of the very unsanitary conditions of everyday life during these times, head lice became a major issue. For practical purposes sometimes it was just easier to shave the hair off ones head completely to avoid contracting the lice. A clean, deloused wig was then worn to give the appearance of hair. Periwigs were introduced as very long hair became extremely popular for men in about the 1620's. Any man with any social ranking or status whatsoever considered the use of a wig rather imperative to his image. By the 18th century, the style of these wigs changed somewhat and it became popular for men to powder the wigs themselves so they appeared to be white. The white hair was popular as it was thought to give the man an air of dignity and importance. In our modern day, wigs are still worn for many reasons, primarily to conceal baldness or for convenience sake.