Unisex Wigs

Costume Unisex Wigs

Our selection of Unisex wigs is unique in that this collection is designed carefully with styles in mind that are equally appropriate for use by men or by women. Afro styles, Clown wigs, Dreadlocks, multi-purpose straight long hair wigs and Indian Wigs are just a few that you will find in our giant selection. Finding the perfect wig is easy with so many great and novel choices to choose from!

Clown wigs, Afro wigs, Light-up wigs, Indian wigs, Braided wigs and Rocker wigs! Have you ever been walking behind someone and thought, "Is that a man, or a woman?" With today's hairstyles, sometimes it's hard to tell from far away, as many hairdos have been, and continue to be worn by both sexes. Women's hairstyles run the gamut from short to long, and men's styles seem to mirror them in the same way. Sometimes it's safe to say that various hairstyles are definitely unisex, meaning universally worn by either sex and worn equally well by both, at least most of the time. Dressing up in a costume that requires hair very different from your own always presents a bit of a quandary, but it's one that is easily resolved. Sometimes the best and most complete transformation into a costume character is through the use of a wig. Hairstyles are easily recognizable and will often give your ensemble that perfect crowning glory that pulls the entire look off with complete success.