80's Pop & Rock Costumes

80's Pop and Rock Costumes for Women

With looks from the sexy "Glam Rockstar" to our "She's so 80's"--and many, many more exciting looks, getting amazing 1980's style together is simple, easy and pretty darn fun. From New Wave to Rock Goddesses, your 1980's musical favorites can be brought to life with the perfect (and likely very brightly colored) costumes. This Halloween, you can reenact your favorite character from this really "schweet" decade and give it lots of retro-style personality! Like, totally!

Whether you were around to experience this amazing decade first hand, or even if you just want to get a feel for what the 1980's were really like, dressing up in costume as one of the legendary great pop and rock icons from this era is a fantastic idea. Many epic superstars began their musical careers during the 1980's. From glamorous pop stars to heavy metal rock n' roll bands, the music of the 1980's was eclectic, energetic, fun and definitely very memorable. When it comes to female musicians that were popular during the 1980's, there are many rock n' roll idols that have added their mark to the memory of this decade. Names like Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, The Go-Go's, Pat Benatar and the Eurhythmics will forever go down in history as acts that changed the face of popular music forever. Recreating the look of any of these legendary figures is also perfect for Halloween dress up.