Angel & Devil Costumes

Angel & Devil Costumes for Women

Angels and Devils are extremely popular Halloween costume choices. Whether you choose to be a pure and innocent angel or a more flirtatious and sassy little devil, our huge assortment of women's angel and devil costumes will give you many choices that will help you to pull off your most perfect costume look.

We all have a little of both of them in us. Our inner angel is pure, sweet, innocent and naturally, very, very good. On the flip side, our inner devil can be mischievous, a little bit of a troublemaker and at times, blatantly naughty. When it comes to finding which persona fits you best, you may be a bit at odds; you wouldn't be human if you didn't see both sides of the coin. On any given day you may fall on one end of the spectrum or the other; the good news is, finding that perfect costume that suits either your inner angel or your inner devil is going to be super easy. Traditionally speaking, angels are closely associated with heaven and are considered by some to be the messengers of God. Throughout history, angels have been considered not only to be the guardians of mankind but also have been noted to be the intermediaries between God and humankind. Because the angel has close interaction with God or Deity, angels are generally depicted wearing all white, which is considered to be the color of both holiness and purity. A notable exception to this, of course, is the Fallen Angel. Fallen angels, are looked on as being rebellious toward God, and are usually characterized by wearing deeper, darker colors, such as black or red, the colors most often associated with evil. Devils or demons on the other hand are the opposite of anything associated with heaven. In fact, history teaches us that the devil traditionally has tried to tempt or lure man away from all things associated with God or heaven. The modern image we associate with the devil--a red, horned fire-breathing being with a pitchfork--is largely the product of mythology as well as overly imaginative and somewhat superstitious people. The good folks of Hollywood further perpetuate the dark and somewhat crazy devil look. In spite of the devil image's dubious sources, the look is still one that is easily recognized and will always be somewhat associated with evil and darkness. In today's day in age, however, the red devil image is largely used in a lighthearted, mischievous as well as fun context.