Clown Costumes

Clown Costumes for Women

Our women's clown costume collection has many colorful and exciting clown looks that will easily help you get into a silly, amusing and whimsical character! From the traditional Colorful Clown look to a more mysterious Harlequin clown, or even a look reminiscent of the historical Court Jester, your clown costume will easily bring plenty of smiles and laughter to everyone around you!

One of the longest standing costume characters, at least from a historical standpoint, is that of the clown. The clown has been around for thousands of years, and actually served a dutiful as well as important purpose to royal families back in the day. Clowns, sometimes known as court Jesters, obviously have always served the purpose of entertainment, but you may not realize that the clown was often looked to for advice or mentoring that went far beyond his central purpose of entertainment. Clowns were an integral part of royal courts and through dancing, magic, playing music or even tumbling--their job was to keep their royal masters amused as well as entertained. Today's modern day clowns are still entertaining us in many ways. Circus clowns delight and amuse us, as do birthday party clowns that specialize in delighting children. Rodeo clowns can be silly to watch, but they serve a useful and important purpose in distracting a bull away from a downed rider. Many other "clowns" are used as part of various every day functions just to bring a few smiles to people, which essentially has been the purpose of the clown for thousands of years.