Fairy Costumes

Fairy Costumes for Women

Our women's selection of absolutely divine fairy looks includes a wide variety of styles; from the sweet and more demure fairy looks, to the slightly evil-looking, dark and gothic style of fairy. Bring a little whimsy as well as mystical magic into your Halloween with one of these fabulous looks taken from our women's fairy costume collection!

The magical character of the fairy has been a part of mythology, folklore and literature for hundreds of years. These tiny, pixie-like creatures are known for their magical, mystical and ethereal qualities and as thus, have starred in many a children's story throughout the ages. Fairies traditionally have been considered to be beautiful, tiny, and somewhat human-like beings. They also have the ability to cleverly transport themselves about, utilizing a handy, built-in set of lovely gossamer wings. Fairies have been making magic, casting spells, leaving cash for lost teeth, and creating various acts of minor mischief for many generations. Dressing up as one of these mythological as well as elegant creatures for Halloween is obviously a very popular choice for a truly amazing costume. Imagine pretty, mystical and mischievous (and even a bit sexy, too) all captured in one mesmerizing character look! The idea of dressing up as a fairy may simply be too much to resist!