Flappers & Gangsters

Flappers and Gangsters Costumes for Women

Recreating a sexy and exciting character from the 1920's is a perfect choice for a novel Halloween costume that is likely to simply be the "cat's meow!" Our unique collection of Women's Flapper and Gangster looks will quickly set you on your way!

The 1920's will long be remembered as "The Roaring Twenties". During this time period in history, a lot of things were happening as part of the rapidly changing American culture. The Ford Model T was owned by nearly everyone, and the first "talking" movies were being shown inside of movie theatres. Young people were going through a bit of a rebellion of their own, abandoning the structured fashions of the generations that went before them and donning looser, less form fitting styles. Young people enjoyed smoking and drinking illegal alcohol in places known as "speakeasies". Dancing a style of dance known, as the "Charleston" was also a provocative and fun pastime for this up and coming generation who also enjoyed the sexy rhythms of sultry and smooth jazz music. Interesting fashions and characters also came from this time period. The term "Flapper" succinctly refers to a fashionable young woman who not only enjoyed herself, but also was quite intent on rebelling against the presiding conventions of societal behavior. Gangsters were another colorful character that was popularized during the 1920's. Their Zoot suits, fedoras and wing tip shoes often characterized these organized crime rogues.