Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Costumes for Women

If you are looking for a costume that will truly wet your own appetite, not to mention that of your friends, check out our food and beverage costume selection. Between hotdogs, pizza and a whole array of condiments, you can easily see that our food and beverage selection will give you plenty to choose from when it comes to finding that hunger satisfying look that you are truly craving.

What are you craving? Something sweet? Something spicy? How about something life-size and simply decadent? Food and snack items not to mention beverages are part of our everyday lives as well as survival. They also make really hilarious costume choices! These costumes aren't actually edible in the traditional sense, but they will still absolutely satisfy any appetite you may have for humor, hilarity as well as scrumptious fun. Although traditionally Halloween costumes have been scary and frightening, nowadays when it comes to dressing up for this popular holiday, anything goes. You are just as likely to see a funny costume, as you are to see a costume that is frightful, gruesome or macabre. Food and beverage costumes are not only a really silly and whimsical costume choice, but they also have the added bonus of being very unique and original. Food favorites can easily satisfy your sweet tooth with some of our favorite candy costumes such as M&M's, Sugar Daddies and even a more traditional Halloween favorite confection like Candy Corn. Perhaps dressing up an adult beverage is more your idea of fun, in which case we have many varieties of beer, absolutely done right in full body form. You can also be the full beer mug itself or even a bottle of Tequila. If you are feeling a bit fruity, we have some pretty crazy costumes that look like apples, oranges, grapes and even a perfectly ripened yellow banana.