Law Enforcement & Military

Law Enforcement & Military Costumes for Women

These costumes will make it very easy to take down the strongest man and hold his heart captive in your sexy custody. Many of these looks have fun accessories including handcuffs, badges, stockings, belts and hats, so that your sexiest uniform look is polished as well as complete. Shop our huge selection of Women's Law enforcement and military costumes for a look he won't be able to resist without the excessive use of force!

Feel like having a little up close and personal run-in with the law? Have you always fantasized about dressing up in a uniform and taking control of the bad guys? Law enforcement and military costume looks are very popular at Halloween and with good reason. In our society, these men and women are powerful as well as brave. They protect and serve our communities as well as restore and maintain law and order. Although our Women's Law Enforcement and Military looks may differ a little from the actual uniforms worn by those who are really out there in service, we know you will enjoy the not so subtle differences. Police looks with hot pants and thigh high stockings, a Top Gun flight suit/mini-dress, a smoking hot firefighter suit/dress and even a convict get up that is going to get you all sorts of bad-girl attention; these are just some of the fun uniformed looks we have in store for you. Dressing up as an authority figure was never so much fun.