Pin Ups, Starlets & Sock Hops

Pin Ups, Starlets & Sock Hops Costumes for Women

When it comes to costumes, dressing as a pinup girl, a starlet or even a 1950's sock hop girl is a sexy idea that will give you an opportunity to channel your feminine wiles and use them to your best advantage. With feminine and attractive looks like a Pinup Sailor, Pinup Military and Pinup French Kiss you can quickly get your girly game on while grabbing and holding his attention as well. Our sultry Starlet looks are perfect for those that have an inner glamorous movie star that is just begging to come out. Let Halloween be the perfect occasion to let that happen! No matter what your innermost fantasies include, be sure to check out our complete selection of women's Pinup, Starlet and Sock Hop costumes!

When it comes to female sex symbols that have come down through the ages, every decade has had their own list of favorites. The pinup model has been part of our popular culture for nearly 100 years. These "pinup"girls modeled for mass-produced pictures that were created with the intent of being "pinned up"and admired. Glamour models, fashion models and actresses have all been dubbed "pinups"over the years. One of the most infamous "pinup girls"was Betty Grable, whose photo was revered by numerous WWII GI's that were serving our country and needed a positive visage to lift their spirits.

Artwork depicting what a very beautiful or attractive woman looks like has also been created and admired en masse over the years. Subjects such as the Gibson girl as well as the infamous Varga girls are some of the better-known artworks depicting stunning pinup girls.

Every decade has had its more noteworthy pinup girls--from the likes of Joan Crawford and Lauren Bacall to the more modern era with Cindy Crawford and Kate Beckinsdale. The appreciation of a beautiful woman is unlikely to ever disappear.