Pirate Costumes

Pirate Costumes for Women

Women's pirate characters are a growing addition to the cast of seafaring rogues. No longer resigned to being the "wench in the corner:"--today's gals can participate in the pirate action easily by being exciting characters including sexy pirates, Buccaneers, Captain's mates, She Captains and Treasure Hunters. No matter which Pirate look is best suited for your wild deep sea adventures, our large selection of Women's pirate looks will give you many styles to choose from to make those adventures your Halloween reality!

Argggh. When it comes to pirates, a bit of a revolution has taken place. No longer are these bad boys of the sea just ho-hum, boring sea marauders. With the advent of modern Pirate films such as those in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, the pirate has taken on a fresh new persona that is adventurous, intelligent and in many cases, humorous. The popularity of the Pirate character in the past few years is undeniable. Pirate characters even have their own holiday that celebrates their lingo. "Talk Like A Pirate" day is a fun pseudo-holiday designed for the exclusive reason of celebrating "all things pirate."