Roman, Greek & Egyptian

Roman, Greek & Egyptian Costumes for Women

These goddess figures of ancient days remain a very popular costume choice for Halloween (or other) dress up and with good reason. You can't beat the combination of beauty, brains, power and immortality for a pretty exciting character to dress up as. Find your inner goddess and bring her to life with one of these amazing and original costumes from our Women's Roman, Greek & Egyptian collection!

When it comes to creating legendary goddess figures, nobody did it better than the Romans, Greeks or the people of Ancient Egypt. The ancient goddesses well known in history, myth as well as folklore had many amazing qualities. Almost all were stunningly beautiful as well as intoxicatingly alluring. Many other goddesses were known to have a wide assortment of qualities far beyond those typically known to mere mortals. There are goddesses of marriage and childbirth. There are also goddesses who specialize in love and the home. There was also a goddess dedicated to wisdom and knowledge. The Romans and the Greeks used myths as a way of interpreting the world around them and helping it to make sense. By assigning most human qualities or functions a god or goddess, it gave them a set of supreme beings to worship and revere that held power and authority over them. To these ancient people the gods and goddesses showed them how one was to live a virtuous existence. The stories and myths surrounding the gods and goddesses were passed on from generation to generation largely through cultural storytellers. Storytellers such as Homer, who wrote the "Iliad" and the "Odyssey", told the tales of the gods and goddesses through epic poetry, which has supplied much of the information we currently have regarding Ancient Greek gods and goddesses.