Scary Costumes

Scary Costumes for Women

Nowadays, the tradition of wearing scary costumes on Halloween continues, although the reasoning for doing so is now quite different. Halloween still remains a time to have fun being scary as well as in getting scared; thus traditional frightful costumes will be everywhere in a neighborhood near you come October the 31st. Scary beings of all shapes and sizes, ghouls, zombies, pirates, ghosts, witches, vampires and a plethora of other monstrous costumes can be yours, too, when you shop in our giant collection of Women's scary costumes. From the very traditional Halloween looks to more modern versions of creepy and fearful characters, these costumes are a must have classic Halloween choice!

Scary costumes are one of the deepest-rooted traditions surrounding Halloween and one of the longest running. Long before there ever was such a thing as trick or treating, bobbing for apples or even watching a horror movie, wearing a scary costume was an All Hallows Eve tradition, with a rather practical purpose. Ancient people believed that on this night that celebrated the end of the harvest, the spirits of the newly deceased were allowed to wander the earth as they wished. Fearful of the spirits that may be out on this mystical evening, superstitious folks took to wearing scary costumes themselves. It was their hope that these frightful getups would make them appear frightening as well to any evil spirits that may be about--and thus scare them off!