TV & Movie Costumes

TV & Movie Costumes for Women

Dressing up as a TV or Movie character is one of the most popular costume choices around, and with good reason. Easily recognizable, and often beloved by many, these characters are a super fun way to reinvent yourself while also putting yourself into a character that has it's own unique quirks as well as characteristics. With so many fun and exciting characters to choose from, you will likely have difficulty narrowing it down to just one. From classic or retro characters from days gone by, to the latest personas hot off the silver (or small) screen, finding the perfect TV or movie character to make your own this Halloween can be really easy as well as fun. Shop our huge collection of Women's TV and Movie characters and bring a little bit of Hollywood right into your home!

Even during economically challenging times, going to the movies remains one of the most popular forms of entertainment to the masses. Still relatively inexpensive, going to the movies can be a great escape for the entire family and will always be a great way to quickly get a few hours of world class entertainment. With the movies still an ever-present part of our modern culture, the characters that come into our lives because of these fabulous films continue to be forever changing as well. The most epic and popular movies continue to have amazing personalities in them that are both memorable as well as fun to re-create. Even more readily accessible and available to us on a daily basis are our favorite television programs. Between the DVR as well as Cable and Satellite television programming, our television favorites are almost always available and just a few remote control clicks away. Television shows remain at the forefront of pop culture and because these programs are literally a part of our daily lives, when it comes to costumes, the characters from our favorite shows are often at the top of our want list.