Vampire Costumes

Vampire Costumes for Women

Like all monsters and other frightful beings, the vampire is one of a large cast of spooky characters that are embraced during the time around Halloween. If you are looking for one of the most epic supernatural beings ever to dress up as for this holiday, the vampire is one you may want to consider. Our huge selection of vampire and vampiress looks for women will give you plenty of styles from which to choose, including gothic vampires, sexy vampires, traditional vampires and even glamorous vampires. If dressing as one of these lusty, sexy as well as intoxicating creatures of the night is calling out to you, our selection of Women's vampire looks will give you exactly what you are looking for.

The Vampire is one of the most traditional Halloween looks around when it comes to Halloween dress up. Legends regarding vampires go way back to ancient days when superstitious people of old needed to come up with reasons for strange nocturnal activities that were happening that made no sense to them. The vampire became their scapegoat and was blamed for many strange deaths as well as misdeeds that were happening that defied normal reason. Bram Stoker, when he wrote the book "Dracula," used these ancient legends as his inspiration, and also gave the vampire character some charisma along with a more charming persona that still continues to this day. Modern vampire television shows and movies in recent years have further perpetuated the idea of these undead characters. Vampires survive by feasting on the blood of the living and no matter how suave, smooth and diplomatic the vampire may be, in the end, he likely is going to want to kill you. The vampire persona has continued to evolve over the last several hundred years but the idea is still the same. The vampire is thought to have eternal life; but in order to obtain this goal there is a very deadly cost to humankind.