Western Costumes

Western Costumes for Women

The legendary characters that sprang from this historic era are rich and plentiful and are particularly popular Halloween costume choices, in addition to being perfect for other historic dress up events. Our women's Western costume collection contains costumes for cowgirls, native Princesses, sexy Saloon girls, Can Can girls and other historic looks that appear to be fresh out of the old west. If you are looking for style that screams "yee haw!" you will definitely find some of the dandiest styles ever going on right here in this collection. For a western look with some pretty serious style and flair, you'll find just what you need to bring out your inner dudette as part of our Women's Western costume collection.

One of the most exciting time periods of American history is affectionately referred to as the Wild West. This time in history was known for the adventurous spirit that was held by many who lived through it. The western territories were brand new and were just becoming settled by people who came to the west for many different reasons. Some came seeking land of their very own. Others were seeking refuge from religious persecution and sought the solace that a distant land offered. Still others heard rumors of gold and other ores "in them thar hills" and went westward seeking their fortunes. During this time of rapid westward movement, there was a certain degree of general lawlessness and there seemed to be plenty of opportunities for criminals, leading to the terminology "Wild West".