Witch Costumes

Witch Costumes for Women

Nowadays, the witch remains one of the most traditional as well as popular Halloween costumes around. Our collection of witch costumes offers consumers a far more modern take on these ancient women. Sexy witches, sweet witches, Playboy witches, Good witches, Nightmare witches--and of course, Traditional witches can all be found here along with many more types of witch getups. This is the ultimate in women's witch costume selections--don't delay, create your own special magic in one of these fabulous costumes!

Magical, mystical, dark. These are all terms that could easily be used to describe the traditional witch. We could add a few more descriptive terms to this list such as hot, sexy, sassy and even...gorgeous? What in the world is going on here? Yes, there are ugly, green-faced, wart-laden witches still out there flying their brooms. Nowadays, though, when it comes to Halloween costumes, the traditional witch look has gotten a bit of an extreme makeover. If you like the idea of dressing up as a traditional Halloween spooky character, but still want to look amazing this Halloween, you should definitely check out our huge selection of women's witch costumes. Historically, the witch likely got a bit of an undue bad reputation. Witches, in ancient days, were largely healers. They knew how to whip up natural remedies from herbs and plants. Witches did not use these potions necessarily to cast spells mind you, but they were used in order to aid the sick and otherwise afflicted. Witches were also known to aid women during childbirth. When Christianity spread across Europe, the male hierarchy was very nervous about these powerful women with medicinal qualities and tarnished their reputations with fear tactics and threats toward those that visited them. Before long, witches were driven to the dark corners of society and a certain degree of secrecy, sorcery and mysticism eventually became associated with them.