Zombie Costumes

Zombie Costumes for Women

Zombie Prom Queens, Zombie Schoolgirls, Pirate Zombies, Nurse Zombies, Bride Zombies--well, you get the idea. We have all sorts of somewhat ironic and crazily morphed characters that are all made to look like those perpetually hungry creatures that truly are the stuff horror movies are made of. If a Zombie look is what you are craving this Halloween, our women's selection of Zombie looks is going to really satisfy your appetite!

Brains...if you are kinda losing yours looking for that perfect Halloween costume, you may be wondering if you should join in on the latest phenomenon that popularizes the cannibalistic creature known as a Zombie. The Zombie traditionally started as part of the Voodoo religion of Haiti. This religion teaches that if a recently deceased person has a somewhat horrific spell cast on him by a special witch doctor soon after death, that person can then be brought back to life with some deadly new characteristics. The newly risen person is no longer himself at all, but rather is sort of put into a deep trance-like state where he is on one mission-- a continual quest to attack humanity, his favorite treat being human brains! Yikes! In spite of their morbid reputation, the Zombie character has been rejuvenated in recent years thanks to some pretty interesting movies and television shows that feature the attack of groups of these deadly beings. Being a Zombie for Halloween has become a pretty popular idea and luckily for you, you can find these sick-o, flesh-eating psychos in all sorts of freaky varieties for your ultimate Halloween pleasure right here in this Zombie collection.