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Woochie EZ FX Accessory Kit

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Woochie EZ FX Accessory Kit

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Model #:CSEZ001

Cinema Secrets Woochie EZ FX Accessory Kit

Our Kits Come With Quality Makeup

Realistic movie style makeup and prosthetics

Includes: blood gel, injury makeup, sponge and detailed instructions.

  • A stack of five cream-based makeup colors that are used in creating bruises, injuries and wounds.

  • Blood Gel - A darker, thicker version of the FX Blood, designed to stay in place. For a thick, gooey effect, use a cotton swab and apply to the desired areas. For a scraped/road rash look, use a Black Stipple Sponge and apply the Blood Gel over the top of appropriately made up area using a quick swiping motion.

  • White Makeup Sponge - A cosmetic grade sponge used for the application and blending of cream makeup. To apply makeup over a large area (the face, arms, body, etc) hold the sponge between your fingers, dip/rub the sponge into the makeup of choice and apply in long strokes to the surface of the skin. For better coverage use a patting motion to apply the makeup instead of long strokes.

  • Black Stipple Sponge - An open-celled, nylon sponge that is used to give a “stippled” or splatter effect. To create bruised effect, see Injury Stack. For a 5 o’clock shadow or beard effect use in a “stippling” (rapid up and down motion directly onto the skin) motion, along the jaw line, chin, sideburn and upper lip. It may also be used to simulate bloodied wounds by “stippling” or dragging the sponge, dipped in FX Blood or Blood Gel across the skin.