You and Your Pet Can Be The Life of the Party!

  • August 29, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell

This Halloween, are you going to a costume party and would love to make a grand entrance and have everyone there talking about how amazing your costume is?  Well, if that’s what your want, then look no further!  Halloween Express just received a line of Premium Theatrical grade costumes for men and women that are wonderful.  These costumes are the real deal. Wouldn’t you ladies just love to be a Greek Goddess for the night?  And for you men, become a true warrior, Marc Antony or a rogue Bandido.  Only the finest, most unusual fabrics and trims available are used in the making of these costumes.  Go to Womens Premium and Theater Grade Halloween Costumes and see what Halloween Express has to offer.

The Premium Theatrical grade costumes, as well as our other more traditional costumes, are not just for wear on Halloween night, but can be worn for so many other purposes.  Many drama teachers use them for school plays, if you’re invited to a certain “theme” party during the year they’re a great idea, or for many other holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fourth of July, etc…  No matter what the festivity, Halloween Express has the costume, accessory, or prop you’re looking for.

Speaking of costumes, don’t forget your four-legged friend!  Nothing says Halloween like having your dog running around dressed as Superman, Zorro or Buzz Lightyear!  Every year my daughter, Sydney gets to pick out a costume for our girl dog, Roxie; and my son, Caden gets to pick out one for Beauregard, of course he’s our boy dog.  Heaven knows we can’t have Sydney pick out the boy dog costume, my gosh what would her friends think!!  Anyway, it is a lot of fun to dress them up on Halloween night (although they might not think it’s as “fun” as we do).  Last year, Roxy was a princess and Beauregard was Zorro.  They’re both Great Danes, so Roxy was the perfect regal princess and Beauregard made a dashing Zorro, until he got his mask off when we weren’t looking and shredded it! 

So this year, don’t just dress up the kids, check out our website under pet costumes - it’s a fun and inexpensive way to make Halloween a night for the whole family!