Baby and Toddler Costumes

  • September 19, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell

I think I’ve pretty much talked about costumes for all age groups, but I did happen to forget one – infants.  This is such a great age because you can put any costume you want on them and they never complain!  I remember when mine were babies and I just couldn’t wait for that first word and that first step.   Then before you know it they’re walking and talking and then you think (as you’re trying to keep up with them) “What was I thinking??”  I’m just kidding, but as anyone with a child out there knows they grow up way too fast!  It was always so much fun picking out the cutest outfits to put on my children when they were babies, until my daughter Sydney turned four and decided I had no fashion sense at all and that she could pick out her own clothes and get dressed all by herself.  That was fun!  There were many days when she went to preschool wearing a tutu over her shorts and her pink cowboy boots (that her dad just had to buy her). 

Anyway, take those first couple years to put on the cutest Halloween costumes you can find.  Halloween Express has five pages of the most adorable infant/baby costumes that I’ve ever seen!  On Halloween night you always see moms and dads following their children around pushing a younger sibling in a stroller.  It’s so cute when the kids come up to the door to trick-or-treat and they have two plastic pumpkins, one for them and one for their little baby brother or sister in the stroller.  I think most of us know that baby’s not getting the candy – it’s really for mom or dad (at least that’s how I played it)! 

Ok, getting back to the infant costumes.  Go to Baby and Toddler Halloween Costumes and see for yourself all the costumes we have to offer.  If you have a newborn, check out some of our “bunting” costumes.  They’re just like a one-piece sleeper that you put on your child.  They’re so easy to put on and also easy if you need to make a diaper change.  Your baby will look precious as a hotdog or tootsie roll; maybe a fireman or camouflage soldier; or even a dragon or a lobster.  There are so many to choose from.  Even if you don’t have children, maybe you have a friend that does, a niece or nephew or even someone in your neighborhood – just look at the costumes, they really are so unbelievable adorable.  You’ll find it hard to decide on just one!