Are You a Ghost Hunter?

  • September 27, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell

Have you ever gone ghost hunting or ghost investigating?  It’s especially popular during the Halloween season.  It’s an annual tradition for my nephew Aiden and his friends to go “ghost hunting” in the month of October and especially on Halloween night.  Last year he stopped by to show me some of the video he captured while walking through an abandoned mental hospital that was shut down years ago.  It’s said that some of the “patients” still wonder around the halls late at night.  For me, just watching the video was so eerily frightening that it had the hair on the back of my neck standing up.  The inside of the building was pitch black and all they had were flashlights to see down the long dark hallways.  It was raining that night which of course makes for the perfect setting.  On the video you could hear the rain hitting the windows of the hospital and in several rooms the rain was running down the inside of the walls.  A couple of the girls with them were scared to death.  It was sort of like watching “The Blair Witch Project” but with a happy ending!  Aiden has been into the whole supernatural phenomenon since I can remember.  He loves to watch a good horror flick and can’t wait for October to come around when he can start his annual “ghost hunting” with his friends.  Not me though, I have to pass on the hauntings - if I went on a ghost hunt all you would here on the video is me screaming!   

Did you know that a haunting is a recurring presence of a ghost, demon, or similar supernatural being at a specific place?  Old houses, hotels, restaurants, pubs, prisons, cemeteries and graveyards are the most common haunted places.  Belief in hauntings and ghosts spans the world and is recorded throughout history in legends and ghost stories. 

There are five primary types of hauntings:

  1. Intelligent - may be a ghost or demon.  The entity is aware of its surroundings, including living people who may be present.
  2. Residual - the entity does not seem to be aware of any living beings and performs the same repetitive act (often the reenactment of a tragic event).
  3. Benevolent - a ghost that seeks to help or protect the living sometimes from an evil spirit.
  4. Malevolent - ghost or demon that seeks to inflict harm on the living.
  5. Benign – entity that is either unconcerned about the living or unaware of their presence.

What better time of year than Halloween to check out some of the “hauntings” in your neck of the woods!  Good luck and happy haunting!