My Favorite Humorous Food Costume

  • October 06, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell

In yesterday’s blog I talked about some of my favorite humorous food costumes for adults.  And what would be the perfect compliment to all those food costumes?  You guessed it - our beverage costumes!

How can it be a Halloween party without a beer keg?  Not an actual beer keg (although those are really nice to have), but the Beer Keg Costume!   Halloween Beer Keg Costume  A lot of guys love this costume because it is the ultimate “man” costume.  It’s a silver foam keg that has “BEER KEG” written on the front.  But the best part is that the canister headpiece holds almost two cups of liquid making it an actual working tap.  My brother, John wore this last year to a costume party and of course couldn’t wait to fill the canister headpiece with that precious small amount of beer.  Instead of walking around all night holding a cup, he’d just take a drink right from the tap on his costume.  Needless to say his costume was a big hit with all the partygoers.

If it’s a beer theme you’re looking for then there are a few more costumes you need to check out.  How about going as a Beer Mug Beer Mug Halloween Costume, a Beer Bottle Beer Bottle Halloween Costume, a Beer Can Beer Mug Halloween Costume or how about the so-called Superhero, “Beer Man”? Beer Man Halloween Costume   This costume is hysterical, complete with cape, tights and a beer holder belt!  “Never fear, Beer Man is here” - I can just hear that being bellowed across the room this year at my girlfriend’s annual Halloween costume party! 

Maybe you would prefer being a little classier going as a sexy Martini or Margarita?  All of these costumes and more delicious drinks can be found here: Food & Beverage Halloween Costumes.