Santa Claus at Halloween?

  • October 11, 2007
  • Jenna Maxwell
The costumes at Halloween Express are not just for trick-or-treating or costume parties during the Halloween season.  People need costumes for different reasons all year long, especially with all the other holidays we have throughout the year.  Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Mardi Gras or any other holiday, we have the costumes you need.  And not just holidays, you might need a costume for a dance class, drama school, a theater performance or a theme party - whatever it is, Halloween Express is the place to go all year long.

The reason I’m mentioning all this is because I love to see other “holiday” characters at Halloween.  I think it’s great!  When my nephew, Mark was in the 3rd grade his school was having a big costume party with prizes for the top costumes.  He went as a full-blown white beard wearing mini Santa Claus and won 1st place.  All his buddies thought it was so cool and his teacher loved it.  That year on Halloween night it was a record low temperature and it started to snow flurry while the kids were out trick-or-treating.  Mark’s costume was perfect for the weather and he was warm as can be all bundled up in his red suit, white gloves and black boots.  Every door he knocked on the person who answered would yell into the house for everyone to come to the door to see Mark dressed as Santa.  Boy, did he think he was cool.  That was nine years ago, and it never fails that every Halloween someone in the family brings up the time when Mark was Santa for Halloween.

So this year, go to your Halloween costume party as Santa or Mrs. Claus or even the Easter Bunny!  Believe me people will love it and you’ll be the hit of the party.  Check out all our Holiday costumes at Holiday Halloween Costumes.