Memorial Day Weekend

  • May 19, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Wow can you believe that we only have twelve more days left in the month of May?  June will be here before you know it bringing with it the much anticipated time of year that every school aged child loves - Summer!  Memorial Day weekend is coming up in a few short days and in my mind that officially marks the beginning of summer for me.  I love throwing a big pool party for my friends and family and celebrating with a backyard barbeque.  The big city parade goes right down my sister's street, so every year on Memorial Day we head over there with our lawn chairs and american flag decorations.  The kids decorate the front yard with dozens of plastic flags and streamers.  The younger children always wear patriotic costumes that have been handed down from the older ones.  It's sort of a traditional right of passage in our family.  The girls go as USA cheerleaders with the red, white and blue pom-poms or they dress up as the miniature version of the Statue of Liberty.  The boys are all about it in their Uncle Sam costumes or dressed up in army camoflauge to show support for our troops.  The children love it and it's so good for them to really understand what the "holiday" is all about.  The fact that they get lots of candy thrown to them from the people in the parade helps too!  We've been doing it for years and everyone from the neighbors to the parade goers love to see the costumes as much as we do. Happy Memorial Day!