Halloween Has Gone To The Dogs!

  • June 05, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Wow can you believe it's June already?  Now that school is out and summer has "unofficially" started the kids are in Heaven.  Mine sure don't miss that 7:00am wake up call during the week and taking full advantage of going to bed a little bit later and waking up a lot later!  They've also been having a lot of fun playing outside with our new puppy, Sheba.  She's a black lab and boy is she a handful!  We haven't had a new puppy in years and you forget how much work is involved.  I think the hardest part for all of us is remembering to put everything we own up and out of her reach.  Her favorite is shoes!  The kids come in and kick off their shoes and the next thing you know there she goes down the hallway with one in her mouth.  That teaches them really quickly when they find their favorite flip flop with the heel missing! Speaking of dogs, last weekend we were all out doing yardwork (well my husband and I were doing yardwork, the kids were playing with Sheba).  Anyway, I see this blur of red and black run by and when I looked up it was Sheba with a Superman cape on.  It was hysterical.  She had no problem with it and ran around the whole back yard with the cape just flowing out behind her while the kids were chasing her. The Superman cape belongs to my son, Caden.  He wore it for Halloween a few years ago, but since everyone knows that a Superman cape never goes out of style it just keeps showing up.  He thought Sheba would make a great "Superdog" and apparently he was right!  She really likes it, so I guess it's hers now! It's always cute to see dogs dressed up in costumes, especially at Halloween.  Dressed right, they can make the perfect accessory to any costume.  At Halloween Express we have all new pet costumes to pick from that will turn your dog into Superman, Spiderman, Zorro, Buzz Lightyear or even Elvis!  Plus there are so many other great costumes that will make your pet look adorable - your pet may not think so, but we humans sure do!