Halloween Costumes for Tweens

  • July 15, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Finding the perfect Halloween costume isn't always easy, especially for "tweens".  When kids are at that age they don't want to wear a costume that makes them look like a baby, but they're still just a little too young for the teenager look.  The word tween is used for children just before their teens "between" childhood and being teenagers, usually 8-12 years of age.   It doesn't seem as important for boys as it does for girls since as we all know girls can be a little more dramatic about their appearance.     My son Caden will turn nine tomorrow so he's still in the first half of the "tween" ages, but my sister has two tween daughters that she goes round and round with at Halloween about what they can and can't wear for costumes.  A lot of what they pick out (according to their mother) is geared more toward an older teenager and so she's usually pulling her hair out before they finally come to a unanimous decision. I told her about our new "Tween Scene" collection we have at Halloween Express.  It has something for every tween out there, boy or girl.  The tween girls  love the costume names like "High Seas Hottie" and "Pirate Cutie" and the mom's love the fact that they are great costumes with enough coverage but still have that edge that a lot of the tween aged girls are looking for.

 Pirate Cutie Tween Costume   High Seas Hottie Tween Costume

So if you have a "tween" aged son or daughter be sure to check out our Tween Costume collection soon.  Don't wait too long because these costumes are going fast!