You're My Princess!

  • September 24, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
As a little girl I grew up believing in fairy tales.  The ones where the handsome prince falls in love with a beautiful princess and they live happily ever after.  Television shows like Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty make it impossible not to.  Disney has done a wonderful job making children believe in fairy tales and the Disney costume line makes it easy to dress like a princess too.  When my daughter, Olivia puts on her princess gown and dances around the house, there's an innocence there that takes my breath away.  I love that my children are still young enough to believe in fairy tales of princesses and happily ever after!  As we know they grow up so fast. To many little girls, the word princess conjurs up images of elegance, beauty, kindness and gentleness.  With their beautiful dresses and sparkly crowns what little girl wouldn't want to be a princess?  Recently here at we received the sweetest letter from a girl named Casey who lives in Rincon Georgia.  She designed her own princess costume called the "Ice Princess" and sent us the cutest picture of a blue dress with a big beautiful snow flake on the front.  So you see, with a great imagination (and great fashion sense) you can be your own princess this Halloween.  

Here's Casey's design called, "Ice Princess":


Thank you Casey!  Your design is beautiful.