Happy Halloween!!

  • October 31, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell

Happy Halloween 2008! 

The spooky decorations are out, jack-o-lanterns are lit, costumes are bought and the candy is ready!  If your children are like mine, they couldn't get out of bed fast enough this morning for school.  They're having their class Halloween parties today giving them a little taste of the fun to be had tonight.  In our neighborhood trick-or-treating is from 6:00 - 8:00pm so by the time they get home from school and eat dinner it will be time to put on their costumes.  I'm so glad Halloween is on a Friday this year.  That way the kids can stay up a little later giving them time to come down from their sugar high.  I hope some of my ideas on costumes, decorating and party's came in handy this year!  I love being able to show you everything that HalloweenExpress.com has to offer.  Believe me you can't beat their selection of costumes anywhere!  Don't forget even though Halloween will be over tomorrow, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are still to come and we have some amazing costumes for all of them!  I'm sure there are a few people out there looking for that perfect Pilgram or Indian costume or maybe even a Christmas themed costume.  Look no further! HalloweenExpress.com has all your holiday costume needs! Don't forget all the Halloween safety tips I talked about in my blog Monday. I want everyone to have a great time trick-or-treating but be safe too! Happy Halloween everyone!     

It's Halloween Madness - Welcome to My World!

  • October 30, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Yea, one more day until Halloween!  The yard is decorated, the pumpkins are carved and the costumes are ready.  This year was a little bit more trying when getting my children to decide on what they wanted to be.  Not so much for my son but what is it about girls that they have such a hard time deciding what costume they want.  Finally after weeks of looking on HalloweenExpress.com we have our winners!  What do you get when you mix Indiana Jones, Hannah Montana and a kitty cat?  Well you get Indiana Jones trying to hack up Hannah Montana's glitter microphone with his machete and a little girl in a cat suit chasing the dogs all over the house.  Welcome to my world! For my 10 year old son Caden, he knew the minute the movie was released this summer that he was going to be Indiana Jones for Halloween.  He's already seen the movie three times and can't wait for it to come out on DVD (which will make it a perfect stocking stuffer at Christmas).  It was easy to find the Indiana Jones costume he wanted at HalloweenExpress.com.  Of course we had to get the complete package including the over-the-shoulder satchel bag, the leather whip and by all means he just couldn't be seen as Indiana Jones without the machete!  Although I probably should have thought twice about the whip and machete, the costume fits him perfectly and he looks like a mini-me version of Harrison Ford's character Dr. Henry Walton (aka Indiana Jones).

Now on to my 7 year old daughter, Sydney.  She had a little tougher time deciding, but after much consideration (and driving her mother crazy), she decided she wanted to be Hannah Montana.  Since she has brown hair we got her the blond wig so that she could be in complete character in her Hannah Montanna costume.  Add the glitter microphone and she's set.  However, my son did say that if he has to listen to one more Hannah Montana song he was going to use his machete on her microphone.  I wouldn't be surprised if Sydney's costume goes missing after Halloween (don't you just love little boys?)!


And last but certainly not least is my 5 year old kindergardener Olivia.  She absolutely loves animals and although we have three dogs she has always wanted a cat.  But with two Great Danes and a wild Chocolate Labrador puppy, a kitten would not be an ideal thing to add to our household at this time.  So she decided if she couldn't have a kitty cat then she would just be one for Halloween.  I love that simple way of thinking that children have (little does she know that she will be the only kitty cat in this house for a long time to come)!  However, I do have to say she makes the sweetest kitty I've ever seen. 

You can find these and so many more great kids Halloween costumes here at HalloweenExpress.com.  Happy shopping and Happy Halloween!

Is Your Baby a Tom Arma Baby?

  • October 29, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Monday, November 3rd is the deadline to send in your entry for the 2008 Tom Arma Baby & Toddler of the Year Photo Contest.  All entries must be postmarked by that date.  So if you haven't taken a picture of your cute little boy or girl in an "animal themed costume" you better start clicking away now and get that picture in the mail.  Tom Arma is known as "the Armani of the kiddy costume world".  He is also "the most published baby photographer in the world" according to The New York Times.  He now has 47 books published and his costumes have been featured on Good Morning America, Live with Regis and Kelly, CNN Headline News, The Today Show, MSN and ABC news.  Wow, how many other kiddy costumes can you say that about? But the best part is that ONLY at HalloweenExpress.com is the entire line of Tom Arma Costumes exclusively available for you.  Furthermore, the Tom Arma "Signature Collection" of costumes cannot be purchased anywhere else!  Pretty cool, huh?  One look at your child in a Tom Arma costume and you'll see why we're so excited to have his entire line here.  They are simply adorable!    There are two grand prize winners in the photo contest that win $500 each plus other great prizes!  Check out the "rules and regulations" to get all the information you'll need to enter the contest.  But remember your entry must be postmarked no later than Monday, November 3rd.  Happy picture taking and good luck!



Dracula Lives!

  • October 28, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Bram Stroker's Dracula, Blade, Fright Night, The Forsaken and who could forget, the teenage cheerleader Buffy the Vampire Slayer!  These are just a few of the moives that portray the darker side of vampires and the crusaders that slay them.  I love most vampire movies because the "slayer" always wins in the end plunging a wood stake into the heart of the vampire (or something like that).   How many times have you heard "I want to suck your blood" on Halloween night with all the black caped vampires running around trick-or-treating?  From ages 2 - 22 you'll find these dark forbidden souls out for blood as darkness falls on Halloween night (or maybe it's just the candy they're after)... The vampire has been a staple of Halloween costumes forever.  I remember running around in my little princess costume when I was about seven years old and my older brother Brian dressed as Dracula with his long black plastic cape, white make up on his face and the scariest set of fangs I had ever seen.  Actually they were only the white plastic fangs that came with the costume that were way too big for his mouth, but for a girl at seven it was pretty scary.  Today the vampire has transpired into Dracula, King of Darkness waiting for nightfall to quench his bloodlust by preying on the living.  Ok, so it might not be that grim but you get my point.  The vampire costume has come a long way from the plastic cape and big white fangs of yesterday. Today on Halloween night, it's not only the "king" of darkness that walks upon the earth at nightfall, but the queen and lots of little vampires running around as well.  With just the right touch of Halloween makeup and a perfect fitting set of fangs these vampires are amazingly frightening (and not only to seven year olds)! HalloweenExpress.com has the largest selection of vampire costumes anywhere!  From the traditional evil vampire to a more sexy take on the vampiress.  With our great costumes, anyone at any age can become the next Dracula!



Don't Forget - Safety First!

  • October 27, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
With Halloween this Friday everyone is excited and running around picking up last minute costumes and candy, but in all our rushing around let's not forget one of the most important priority's for children - safety!  All children can think about is getting out there Friday night and grabbing up all that sugary candy in the time frame they get for trick-or-treating.  The heck with the little orange plastic pumpkins to carry their candy, now a days kids want a pillowcase to use because they can get a lot more candy in one of those!  So when the kids (especially younger children) are getting ready to run out your door Friday night to head out into the neighborhood for some good old trick-or-treating it's going to be up to us as adults to make sure our children are safe.  You can tell them time and time again to look both ways before crossing the street or don't go into anybody's house they don't know, but all that goes in one ear and out the other Halloween night.  So again, you have to be their eyes, ears and voice of reason while you follow them around the neighborhood.  Here are a few ways that we as parents can do to protect our children and keep them safe this Halloween:
  • If you're driving, you have to drive slowly and be aware of the children.  Watch for them to run out between cars or even the middle of the street.  When backing down your driveway be careful and look twice to make sure it's clear.
  • Have your child wear clothing with reflective markings or tape.  If your child's costume doesn't have any, have them wear a glow stick around their neck or pin it to their costume. 
  • Check your child's costume and make sure it's not dragging the ground where they could trip and hurt themselves.  Halloween makeup is always a good substitution for a mask, however if they do wear one make sure they have nose and mouth openings and large enough eye holes so they can see clearly.
  • Have them bring their candy home first before eating anything.  Go throught it with them and throw out anything "homemade", wrappers that are opened, or anything else you're not sure about.
Just remember your kids can have a great time trick-or-treating AND be safe at the same time.  And because safety is not your child's priority Halloween night, it has to be yours!  Happy Haunting!

Hello High School Musical 3: Senior Year!

  • October 24, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Well, according to my daughter, it's finally here - the movie release of High School Musical 3: Senior Year!  Her life is now complete!  If you haven't heard of the Disney show High School Musical you either (a) don't have children, or (b) have been living in a cave these past couple years.   High School Musical was released on January 2006 and became the most successful movie that the Disney Channel ever produced.   However when the sequel High School Musical 2: Sing it all or nothing, was released in August 2007, it brought in nearly 10 million more viewers topping it's predecessor making it the highest rated Disney Channel Movie to date.  Now one year later the third sequel is being released, but not on the Disney Channel.  This one is the first in the series to receive a big-screen launch and I'm sure it's going to be huge! It's back to the East High Wildcats with Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Chad and Taylor for the trial and tribulations of their senior year in high school and the exciting idea of going off to college.  The movie is rated G and I love that because it's something I can take my children to and not worry about covering their eyes and ears at certain points.   This movie release is just in time for Halloween.  I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of Troy and Gabriella's trick-or-treating this year!  At HalloweenExpress.com you'll find all the High School Musical costumes!


What Kind of Queen are you?

  • October 23, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
The Kings of the world watch out!  There is a new breed of Queen's out there and the Halloween season brings them out in full regal force!   As we all know, a Queen is a woman who is considered the best or most important of her kind and keeping in line with that tradition, HalloweenExpress.com has by far the "best" queen costumes to make you feel like the "most important" queen ever! 

So what kind of Queen are you going to be this Halloween?

The beautiful Queen Gorgo costume from the movie "300",

or perhaps a historical Elizabethan Queen costume,

everyone loves a Beauty Queen,

or every now and then we feel like a Wicked Queen,

or every mother's nightmare, the Drama Queen,

or the highest monarchyof every household, The Queen Bee.

No matter what kind of queen you decide to be, HalloweenExpress.com has the costume you're looking for.  Check out all of our Queen Costumes now! 

It's still not too late to order and get your shipment by Halloween!! 



Shiver Me Timbers - A Family of Pirates!

  • October 22, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Ahoy, Matey!  Since the release of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" there has become a huge interest in life on the high seas.  Men, women, teens and toddlers all want to be part of the pirate world; captains, buccaneers, privateers and swashbucklers.  From the famous and infamous pirates in history such as Blackbeard and Calico Jack to Hollywoods more notorious rakes, Captain Hook and my favorite, Captain Jack Sparrow. Pirate costumes are extremely popular this year and here at HalloweenExpress.com you'll find them in every shape, style, color and size.  It's a great theme to use if you're looking for ideas for a family costume or if you're going with a group of people.  So dress your whole family, mom, dad, brother, sister and even Fido in the finest Pirate costumes around! Don't miss out on all our great Adult Pirate costumes and Kid's Pirate costumes or you may be forced to "walk the plank"!

Largest Selection and Fast Delivery!

  • October 21, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
First of all sorry about missing out on yesterday's blog, but apparently "Hank" did a great job filling in for me.  After reading his blog I couldn't stop laughing!  He did a great job - thanks again Hank! Well now that I'm back I want you all to know that it's not too late to order your costumes for Halloween and all the party's and trick-or-treating you plan on doing.  We have a whole page dedicated to all our shipping information and orders are flying out the door as we speak.  We've increased our warehouse staffing to make sure we're able to fulfill orders quickly all the way up to Halloween!  Most orders even ship the same day!  We'll even let you know when to expect your order with our "delivery calculator".

Remember, HalloweenExpress.com has the largest selection of any Halloween store!  You'll find everything you need; costumes, accessories, makeup, masks, wigs, shoes, decorations and much much more.  So don't waste your time riding around to different stores trying to find exactly what you want, just go to our homepage and make it a one stop shopping spree right from your own home!   And HalloweenExpress.com's website is so extremely easy to use.  They pratically walk you through it holding your hand all the way to checkout.  Also if you have a question about a costume or anything on the website simply click "live chat" and a customer service representative will be right there online to help you.   So what are you waiting for - get shopping for some of the best Halloween costumes ever!!

Sexiest Celebrity Halloween Costume Disasters

  • October 20, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Hey All!  Hank here.   Anna needed a short break from all this Halloween madness so I thought I'd write in her blog  -- but from a guy's point of view.   Personally, I think Anna takes this Halloween stuff a little too seriously so my topic today will be . . .  SEXY CELEBRITY HALLOWEEN COSTUME DISASTERS.  Yeah!  We'll see what Anna thinks when she gets back.  Every year Halloween comes around and the celebrity magazines are full of the worlds hottest glitterati strutting around as vampires, zombies, witches, and sometimes, each other. Of course, every year those of us who are not quite as hot, popular or wealthy get to mock them mercilessly. How can these wonderfully attractive celebrities get their costumes so wrong? Surely with lookers such as these they could make any outfit work ... right?     What is my criteria?
  1. Sexy, not trashy preferred.
  2. Anything meant for a child is just ... wrong.
  3. Goofy, dumb or idiotic ... well, they have the rest of the year for that!
Let's take a look ...

Halloween FAIL - 15 Sexy Celebrities Halloween Costume Disasters

1. The Olsen Twins - The Olsens should be glad that in this case less really is more. Perhaps this was just another way to underline that they are not kids any more? Either way, I am sure they turned heads. Next time rent a complete costume each girls!

The Olsen Twins

The Olsen Twins

2. Alyssa Milano - Alyssa seems to have grabbed her costume from the under-fives section of the Disney store ... not that I am complaining!   

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano

3. Mariah Carey - This is probably the scariest picture of the lot. Who wouldn't be afraid being faced by an unhinged bride? 

Mariah Carey 

Mariah Carey

4. Anne Hathaway - Ms Hathaway falls under the "it could have been so much better" category.  An opportunity missed *sigh*.

Anne Hathaway 

Anne Hathaway

5. Elisha Cuthbert - Poor Elisha, nobody understood what her costume was meant to be! I for one applaud her for stepping out in Clockwork Orange style.

Elisha Cuthbert 

Elisha Cuthbert

6. Avril Lavigne - What on earth is Avril dressed as? Or is this her usual attire?

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne

7. Heidi Klum - Heidi as the 6 foot tall rat from hell. Or is she meant to be a cat? Wingless vampire bat? 

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

8. Reese Witherspoon - One of the more restrained attempts but she comes off as being dressed like a normal Goth rather than a celebrity in costume. Really, this outfit wouldn't look out of place in some clubs any night of the year.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

9. Teri Hatcher - Another theft from the children's section, and here we even see the Toys R Us logo to prove it! She did however manage to squeeze into it. Valiant shoe horn efforts and robust stitching save the day. Just.

Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher

10. Paris Hilton - A famous party animal, Paris Hilton can be counted on to give a show. Just not sure how spooky she thought this little Alice in Wonderland number was meant to be.

Teri Hatcher

Paris Hilton

11. Britney Spears - Poor Britney, I feel bad for all the harsh criticisms she has been forced to take, but man, she doesn't make it easy on herself does she?

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

12. Christina Aquilera - Christina keeps it classy in the "Adult Entertainment" mail order catalogue standard "sexy nurse" outfit. Thankfully she somehow pulls it off despite her lack of creativity.

Christina Aquilera

Christina Aquilera

13. Lindsay Lohan - Lindsay left onlookers wondering if this is the before or after shot. Seriously though, was the theme merely substance abuse inflicted bad fashion sense or is there some concept behind this?

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

14. Kate Beckinsale - Actually, scratch this one, I rather like it! Hubba hubba ...

Lindsay Lohan

Kate Beckinsale

15. Fergie - Isn't this how Fergie always dresses? C'mon girl, make an effort!

Kate Beckinsale


Well, there you have it ... my list of the Sexiest Celebrity Halloween Costume Disasters.  Hope you like.  Now, I'd better get outta here before Anna comes back.



2 Sexy Costumes in 1 - Reversible!

  • October 17, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Sexy Reversible costumes, now this is the way to go!  I've always heard of reversible clothing, but never Halloween costumes.  What a great idea!  It's like getting two costumes for the price of one.  But what's so cool about our "Miss Hellen Back Halloween costume" (by the way, love the name) is that when you reverse it, it's not just another color of the same costume, but a completely different costume altogether!  For all you women out there that can't decide if you want to be "good" or "bad" this Halloween then this costume is for you!  If you want to be sweet and innocent you can wear the side of the beautiful angel, but if you're feeling devilish and sneaky then turn the costume inside out and become the devil herself.


Then you have our "Which Witch reversible Halloween costume".  This is a stretch knit dress in white (good witch) on one side and black (bad witch) on the other.  Once again it's for you to decide what you're in the mood to wear.

This year for Halloween be both good and bad with one of our reversible costumes!  Sexy good or sexy bad - it's up to you!

Halloween + Hockey Mask = Jason

  • October 16, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
He's back!  It's that time of year again when the trademark Hockey Mask's go flying off the shelves!  Friday the 13th, Camp Crystal Lake and Jason are as much a part of Halloween as candy!

It's one of the most recognizable costumes and probably the simplest to put together. 

  • hockey mask - check
  • worn jeans - check
  • t-shirt - check
  • machete - check
That's all you need and you're costume is complete!  Jason Voorhees is the machete-wielding virtually indestructible killing machine with a vendetta against teenage campers at Camp Crystal Lake in the series of slasher films, Friday the 13th.  Since the original film "Friday the 13th" was released in 1980 there have been ten more films in the series with the latest being Freddy vs. Jason in 2003.  So to say the least, the Jason Voorhees costume has been a symbolic figure at Halloween for the past 28 years and the trademark hockey mask that he's worn since "Friday the 13th Part 3" is still going strong!



Don't Forget Your 4-Legged Friends on Halloween!

  • October 15, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
With Halloween being only 16 days away I'm sure you're busy trying to find that perfect costume for yourself, your friends, your kids or maybe even your "better half".  With all that running around there's one person that sometimes gets left out on Halloween - your pet!  Fido is just as important and deserves to be treated as such!  At HalloweenExpress.com we have costumes for the whole family, including your four-legged companion.  Even though your pet can't really tell you what they want to be for Halloween, they all have their own individual personality that makes it easy to pick out a costume for them.   

Is your dog a "trouble maker"?  Try our Zelda Prisoner or Devil Costume:


Does she think it's "her" house?  Check out our Zelda Queen or Snow White Princess Costume:


Don't forget the one person who loves you unconditionally and is always there for you!  Your pet deserves to have fun on Halloween too - although their idea of fun might not be having you put a costume on them and embarrassing them in front of all the other dogs in the neighborhood - but hey, what are parents for??  Check out all our great pet costumes at HalloweenExpress.com.

Do You Have a Face for Halloween?

  • October 14, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
For Halloween most people are looking for a costume that will turn them into something or someone else.  If that's the case then there is nothing else that can change how you look completely like a latex mask.  I remember when I was young we always wore the plastic mask with the elastic band that went around your head.  Remember those?  I hated those things!  Even before we headed out to trick-or-treat in the neighborhood my mask would be filled with moisture just from me trying to breathe out that little tiny hole they cut out for the mouth.  My dad would always have to cut the hole bigger for the mouth and eyes just so I could see and breathe properly.  Three doors down from my house and I would already have the mask pulled up and sitting on top of my head instead of down on my face.  Thankfully the mask design has come a long way since then!  Today, latex masks are so unbelievably real looking and are much more comfortable to wear.  What I like about a mask is that really with a lot of them that's all you need as far as the whole costume goes.  For instance with a lot of the famous faces Halloween masks all you need is the mask and people will automatically know who you're portraying without really giving a thought to the rest of your clothing.  If  you're going with a person in politics whether it be a President, Governor, or any other political figure, just put on a suit and tie and you're ready to go.  Unless of course your political figure is a female, then a dress suit would be fine (anyway you get the picture).   By the way, with the Presidential race in full swing now is a great time to become your favorite Republican or Democratic nominee by wearing one of our Barack Obama or John McCain Halloween masks


On Halloween if you see someone trick-or-treating with a hockey mask on you automatically know it's Jason from Friday the 13th movies without even looking to see what clothes he's wearing.   

So this year try one of our amazing life-like Halloween masks with your costume.  We have so many great masks to choose from at HalloweenExpress.com the hardest thing you'll have to do is decide which one you want!


Top 10 List of Funny Halloween Costumes for 2008

  • October 13, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
One of my favorite aspects of the Halloween season is that as an adult you get a " free pass" to become a kid again for the night.  How many times a year does that happen?  Today, with so much turmoil in our economy and political ads running rampant a lot of people are looking forward to just taking Halloween by the tail and running with it!  Relaxing, having fun and getting to spend quality time with our families are just some of the perks of Halloween - even if it is for just one day! Our most recent Top 10 list is by far a good way to "have fun" with the holiday.  It's our Top 10 List of Funny Costumes for 2008 and believe me if you feel you need a little humor in your life right about now, you don't want to miss it!

Here is our list of Top 10 Funny Halloween Costumes for 2008:
  1. Twister Adult Costume
  2. Tooth Fairy Adult Costume
  3. Beer Keg Adult Costume
  4. Big Shot Scot Adult Costume
  5. Lost Dog Adult Costume
  6. Droopers Adult Costume
  7. Wet T-Shirt Winner Adult Costume
  8. Teletubbies Adult Costume
  9. Penguin Adult Costume
  10. Hotdog Adult Costume
This is just a small taste of some of our humorous costumes this year.  HalloweenExpress.com has the absolute largest inventory of Halloween costumes available on the internet including all of them from the list above. 

It's a Hawaiian Luau!

  • October 10, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Have you ever wanted to go to a Hawaiian Luau but never got the chance?  Well now you can bring an authentic Hawaiian Luau right to your own home!  For a theme party event, the Hawaiian Luau is by far the most popular.  You have so much to pick from in the way of costumes, accessories and makeup.  For the people who live in the Hawaiian Islands a luau is a gathering of family and friends to enjoy good food, good company and good times.  The luau should be relaxing and fun with a "hang loose" atmosphere. At HalloweenExpress.com we have everything you need for the perfect Hawaiian Luau.  Of course the most important thing is your attire. 

The hula skirt comes in different colors:


Something for the whole family:


You'll also need Hawaiian Luau accessories such as; a coconut bra, plenty of Hawaiian leis, and authentic makeup for the ultimate Hawaiian Luau!  You'll find all this and much more at HalloweenExpress.com.

Group Costumes From the Past and Future!

  • October 09, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Growing up two of my most favorite cartoons were The Flintstones and The Jetsons.  The Flintstones is set in the stone age town of Bedrock with characters Fred Flintstone and his neighbor Barney Rubble.  Their better halves are Wilma and Betty whose favorite pastime was gossiping and shopping.  Don't forget their kids the little sweetheart Pebbles and wild child Bam-Bam and their pet Dinosaur Dino.  Who doesn't recognize the theme song when you hear, "Flintstones, meet the Flintstones"!  Makes you want to sing the whole thing doesn't it?  HalloweenExpress.com has all the Flintstones and Jetsons costumes! The Jetsons is a futuristic space age cartoon which revolves around the man of the house George Jetson, along with his wife Jane, daughter Judy, son Elroy and their pet dog Astro.  It was so fun to watch the way they flew around in spaceships instead of driving a car and when it came time for dinner Jane would just push a button and a delicious meal was prepared in seconds (wow wouldn't that be nice).  All of these characters are extremely popular and would make a great "group" costume theme.   At HalloweenExpress.com you'll find all the characters you need to go back in time with the Flintstones or step forward in time with the Jetsons!

Hero or Villain?

  • October 08, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
A lot of great movies and television shows are based on a good guy, bad guy mentality.  It seems there always has to be a hero and a villain!  So this year for Halloween which do you want to be?  The hero or villain is a great idea for a "couple" costume theme.  Now you don't actually have to be a couple to use the "couple" theme.  You can be best friends, relatives, neighbors or even siblings.   Here are some great movie "hero and villain" costume ideas:

Batman and Joker 


Captain Jack Sparrow and Davey Jones


Austin Powers and Dr Evil


Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader


These are just a few ideas of some hero and villain's that go great together for a "couple" costume.  There are so many more out there to pick from, just use your imagination.  You can even use the "happily ever after" fairty tales such as Snow White and the Wicked Queen or maybe do opposite ends of the spectrum with the ever popular Angel costume and Devil costume.  Whatever couple costume idea you decide, you'll find it here at HalloweenExpress.com. 






Top 10 Picks for Best Kids Halloween Costumes for 2008

  • October 07, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
HalloweenExpress.com has just released another great list of "top 10" costumes.  Our Top 10 Kids Costumes for 2008 goes out to all you kids out there that are wondering what costumes are the "popular" this year.  However, I would like to mention that it also goes out to all those moms and dads out there as well.  Being one myself I know who has the final say and in most cases who actually pays for it!  This top 10 list is so exciting!  We have Superheroes, Pop Stars, Clonetroppers and Transformers - a perfect mix of boys and girls costumes to say the least.   There's a costume for everyone!

Here is our list of Top 10 Kids Costumes for 2008:   
  1. Indiana Jones Deluxe Child Costume
  2. Iron Man Child Costume
  3. Batman Child Costume
  4. The Joker Deluxe Child Costume
  5. Hannah Montana Child Costume
  6. High School Musical Sharpay Costume
  7. CloneTropper Cody Child Costume
  8. Transformers Bumblebee Child Costume
  9. Tom Arma Monkey Baby/Toddler Costume
  10. Monster Bride Child Costume
With trick-or-treat being only 24 days away, now is the time to get your costume!  Don't wait, these costumes are flying off the shelf.  At HalloweenExpress.com we have the costume you want, in the size you want, at the price you want!

Halloween Costumes For Every Holiday!

  • October 06, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
As we all know it's during the Halloween holiday when spending for costumes is at its highest, but did you know that there are other holidays that costume sales skyrocket?  Christmas of course is always popular with Santa and Mrs. Claus costumes, as well as Santa's helper's and the famous Frosty the Snowman.  The snowman is a perfect costume for Flordia or California.  My sister lives in Florida and last her she got the Snowbaby costume for her 2 year old son and all the neighbors loved it.  There he was in his snowball costume with the big floppy black felt hat and plush red scarf around his neck looking all bundled up, but instead of snow boots he wore a pair of flip flops.  It was the perfect accessory for a Florida Snowman!

Another Holiday near and dear to my heart is Thanksgiving.  It's during this holiday that many grade school children give plays depicting the historical Thanksgiving feast at Plymouth Plantation with Colonial Pilgrim and Indian costumes.  The children look adorable all dressed up in these historical costumes.


Halloween will be here before you know it then right around the corner is Thanksgiving and Christmas!  There are so many great holiday costumes to pick from here at HalloweenExpress.com that it's hard to pick just one.  In that case, go with a group of friends as Santa, Mrs. Claus and one or two of Santa's helpers.  Or make it a group Thanksgiving effort with Pilgrims and Indians of all shapes and sizes.  This year bring a new holiday to Halloween by wearing one of our great holiday costumes!  


What Do You Want To Be This Year - Scary, Sexy or Silly

  • October 03, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Costume shopping isn't easy if you have no clue what you want to be for Halloween.  You could spend hours in the stores or online just looking from one costume to the next.  Also there are Halloween masks, Halloween accessories and makeup to consider too.   One way to make your costume shopping experience a lot more fun is to come up with an idea of what "type" of costume you're looking for before you begin your search.  It's simple once you narrow it down.  Let's take for example the letter "S".  Maybe you want your costume to be scary, sinister or spooky?   Maybe you want your costume to be sexy or seductive?  Or maybe you're looking for something more along the lines of silly?  All of these "S" words describe costumes you'll find at HalloweenExpress.com.  Let me give you some costume ideas you may find interesting:

Scary - Sinister - Spooky


Sexy - Seductive




So before you spend hours "just looking" at costumes trying to give yourself some idea of what you want to be this year, think of the "S" words - Spooky, Sexy, Silly!  Which category does your costume fall under?  Remember you can always go to www.HalloweenExpress.com and let us help you find that perfect costume!



Halloween Sales Going Up and Up and Up!

  • October 02, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Every year the amount of money spent by consumers on Halloween costumes, decorations and candy rises.  Even with the economy the way it is, experts predict spending for this Halloween will leap by double digits.  With everything going on in the world right now the fun and youthfulness of Halloween couldn't have come at a better time.  The holiday gives everyone a "pass" for the day to slow down, have fun and be a kid again! The National Retail Federation projects that this year, $5.77 billion (yes, that's billion with a "B") will be spent on the holiday, rising from $5.07 billion in 2007, a 14 percent increase.  This is how it breaks down:
  • $2.1 billion on costumes
  • $1.77 billion on candy
  • $1.58 billion on decorations
  • $320 million on cards
Halloween sales going up is a good thing here at HalloweenExpress.com.  It just shows that everybody enjoys the Halloween holiday as much as we do!  And who are we to argue with that?  However, HalloweenExpress.com does understand that not everyone has an unlimited budget to spend on Halloween costumes, accessories and decorations, so we've come up with a line of "Discount Costumes and Close-Out Costume" items with extra special low prices.  

You'll find womens costumes such as; Buccaneer Beauty or a Fashion Flapper.


Or perhaps you're looking for a man's costume such as; Mark Antony or a Valient Knight.


If super low prices and deep discounts are what you're looking for be sure to check out our discount Halloween costume section.  You'll find something for every Halloween enthusiast on your list!


October is Finally Here!

  • October 01, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Yea, it's finally October 1st and we've officially entered into the month of Halloween!  Only 30 more days until the trick-or-treaters will be ringing your doorbell.  Are you ready?  Have you stocked up on all your favorite candy to hand out?  Now remember, it has to be your favorite candy and not your children's that way whatever is left over is all yours and you won't have to fight for it!  Wow can you believe this great weather we're having in Kentucky?  The high's are in the mid to low 70's - perfect weather for fall.  Today we had our pool closed up for the year.  That's probably the only thing about this time of year that I don't like.  As soon as that cover is placed over the pool and all our lounge chairs and pool toys are put in the shed the backyard looks so deserted.  Next year I want to have a heater installed in our pool so that I can have the best of both worlds; cooler weather AND the pool still open into the fall months.  So, have you thought any more about what you want to be this year for Halloween?  If you're still not sure check out our Top 10 List of Best Costumes for the whole family or our Top 10 List of Best Sexy Costumes.  If you can't find what you're looking for there, then go to our homepage and simply click on a category that interests you.  The website is so easy to use and you'll find everything you need in the click of a button.  Don't forget to look at all our Halloween decorations for your home and yard too!  Two of my favorite decorations that I just received yesterday are the 63 inch Hanging Pirate and Tombstone RIP Cross with Skull.  The hanging pirate is huge with a long red ripped cape and creepy skull face with eyepatch.  I've already got him hanging on my front porch.  His arms are movable so when I spread them out to his sides he looks even bigger.  The kids love it!  It really is a great decoration for your porch or even hanging from a tree in your front yard.  There are so many great tombstones to pick from at HalloweenExpress.com but I really like this one.  It's really tall and looks like an old and worn tombstone.   It comes in two pieces and you just slide the cross into the base.  Both of these are going to make a great addition to our yard haunt!