2 Sexy Costumes in 1 - Reversible!

  • October 17, 2008
  • Jenna Maxwell
Sexy Reversible costumes, now this is the way to go!  I've always heard of reversible clothing, but never Halloween costumes.  What a great idea!  It's like getting two costumes for the price of one.  But what's so cool about our "Miss Hellen Back Halloween costume" (by the way, love the name) is that when you reverse it, it's not just another color of the same costume, but a completely different costume altogether!  For all you women out there that can't decide if you want to be "good" or "bad" this Halloween then this costume is for you!  If you want to be sweet and innocent you can wear the side of the beautiful angel, but if you're feeling devilish and sneaky then turn the costume inside out and become the devil herself.


Then you have our "Which Witch reversible Halloween costume".  This is a stretch knit dress in white (good witch) on one side and black (bad witch) on the other.  Once again it's for you to decide what you're in the mood to wear.

This year for Halloween be both good and bad with one of our reversible costumes!  Sexy good or sexy bad - it's up to you!